I have been waiting for these flowers for FOREVER! You wouldn't believe how hard these are to get a hold of! And the wait is finally over! They arrived today and are so stinkin' cute!! Of course, the zebra flowers are the favorites here at Cutie Pie Bows! I'm thinking they will be attached to tutus, headbands, hats -- let's just say if there is a 4 inch free space on a tangible object, it will have a zebra flower attached!!

Our flowers are 4 inches in size and attached to a 1 3/4 inch alligator clip. They can be attached to headbands, hats, tutus or worn separately for an ultra chic look!

All colors have been restocked - both daisies and peonies!! And so many new colors! We have red, maroon (go Aggies), navy blue, white (the most popular color that everyone has been asking for), zebra print and so many more -- you just have to go see them!!

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