Baby Einstein Refund Program

I came across this Baby Einstein Refund Program that I thought I'd share. It seems the program started because so many mommies and daddies complained that their babies were not any smarter after watching the DVDs. Huh? Really?

Anyway, if you have any Baby Einstein DVDs and your child is not smart, go to the link below, complete the form and mail it along with your opened DVD back to Baby Einstein for a refund of $15.99 (up to 4 returns allowed). No proof of purchase is necessary.

I have to say I am very shocked by this offer - can this be real???? I'd try it if I owned one. I have not returned any as I never liked the Baby Einstein movies and gave away the first one I ever bought and never bought another one again so I don't know any other details other than the offer exists.

Offer ends March 4, 2010.

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