Baby Einstein Refund Program

I came across this Baby Einstein Refund Program that I thought I'd share. It seems the program started because so many mommies and daddies complained that their babies were not any smarter after watching the DVDs. Huh? Really?

Anyway, if you have any Baby Einstein DVDs and your child is not smart, go to the link below, complete the form and mail it along with your opened DVD back to Baby Einstein for a refund of $15.99 (up to 4 returns allowed). No proof of purchase is necessary.

I have to say I am very shocked by this offer - can this be real???? I'd try it if I owned one. I have not returned any as I never liked the Baby Einstein movies and gave away the first one I ever bought and never bought another one again so I don't know any other details other than the offer exists.

Offer ends March 4, 2010.

New PEEPS Bows! So CUTE!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new PEEPS bows! They come in hot pink and white and in both medium (toddler) and large sizes. Limited quantitities.


I have been waiting for these flowers for FOREVER! You wouldn't believe how hard these are to get a hold of! And the wait is finally over! They arrived today and are so stinkin' cute!! Of course, the zebra flowers are the favorites here at Cutie Pie Bows! I'm thinking they will be attached to tutus, headbands, hats -- let's just say if there is a 4 inch free space on a tangible object, it will have a zebra flower attached!!

Our flowers are 4 inches in size and attached to a 1 3/4 inch alligator clip. They can be attached to headbands, hats, tutus or worn separately for an ultra chic look!

All colors have been restocked - both daisies and peonies!! And so many new colors! We have red, maroon (go Aggies), navy blue, white (the most popular color that everyone has been asking for), zebra print and so many more -- you just have to go see them!!

There's a NEW PRINCESS in town!!

There's a new princess in town - Princess Tiana from Princess & The Frog! If you haven't seen the movie yet, you've got to! It is so cute! I had to resist crying at the end -- you know what I mean if you've seen it.

Princess Bows RESTOCKED

Our most popular princess layered boutique bows have been restocked.

They are truly magical!! We have Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty bows to choose from. They are perfect for your upcoming trip to Disney World, dress up, birthday parties or everyday wear!!

Who is your favorite Disney princess? Get yours now!!

Be still my heart...

Valentine's Day bows are here!!

Aside from Halloween, Valentine's Day bows are my personal favorite! I love the combination of reds and pinks together! We'll be adding bows all week so keep checking back!!

Click here to see our Valentine's Day Hair Bows!!

NEW Strawberry Shortcake Bows!

Cutie Pie Bows is kicking the new year off with lots of new bows for Valentine's Day, Easter and our new official holiday called "Just Because!"

And "Just Because" we can, here are our new LIMITED EDITION Strawberry Shortcake bows per request by the original Cutie Pie herself, the face behind Cutie Pie Bows!!