Crochet Hats and Flowers are HERE!!!

It's common knowledge among the fashion world that all little girls MUST be adorned with cute hair accessories! It's a rite of passage, it's the sprinkles on the yogurt, it's the chocolate in the choclate chip cookies, it's the... get the picture.

It's also common knowledge that if you need a hair accessory, go to

One of the most popular fashion trends right now are the crochet hats and headbands with flowers such as daisies or peonies. Hats or headbands are really fun accessories for babies and girls of all ages!

Check out our new items. They are going to be very hard to resist!!
You'll need one in every color combination!! We have more colors and styles that we'll be adding so keep checking back!! Or if you want a certain color, let us know!

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  1. I love them ! Morgan has a black one .... I must get flowers to go on hers:)